Commercial and corporate law

We offer both judicial and extrajudicial legal support in various areas of commercial and corporate law, providing assistance to public and private sector clients with regard to company management, corporate contracts, M&A, small and mid caps, the structuring and restructuring of corporate groups and capital operations.


Judicial activities

With regard to litigation, we have acquired consolidated experience in the provision of legal services in all kinds of corporate, financial and commercial law disputes and especially with regard to extraordinary operations, relations between shareholders, financial reporting, property law, the new economy, the digital sector and all litigation relating to the world of business in general.

The expertise gained by the Firm’s professionals over the years and the strategic vision we have always shared with the client shape our approach to the needs of the clientele without ever losing sight of the needs of the business itself.


Extrajudicial activities

Our in-depth knowledge of the risks related to the times when things go wrong in any business relationship has made us a respected legal partner even when things are running normally.

In fact, we have built up sound experience in supporting Clients in negotiations concerning extraordinary operations, acquisitions, contract law and in all issues in general (including those not related to litigation) of strategic importance for the success of the business.

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