Lipani is not the algebraic sum of our individualities; it is a choral project that we build, together, day by day, driven by the ambition to do better and better and guided by a common vision.

A dimension of excellence

We have chosen to give our Firm a size which enables us to achieve the highest possible level of quality and specialisation in the fields of law covered.

Ethics, integrity, transparency, cohesion, a spirit of collaboration, dedication and Client-focus are our distinctive values.

Studio Lipani - Rome

Ever since our foundation we have aimed for excellence, as we wish to be seen as the essential benchmark, not only for our consolidated expertise but also for our value set and the unique style with which we manage the dossiers assigned to us.

Lipani is not the mere sum of a group of individuals: it is a joint project constructed day by day, with the ambition of always delivering the very best.


our values

Technical excellence is an essential prerequisite, but on its own it is not enough.

These are the values that guide us as we pursue our goals and which inspire our daily work.

Every request from Clients is considered vital, extraordinary and deserving of our immediate attention.

We always offer the Client the best solution in real terms, considering the circumstances and the brief received, without indulging in merely abstract hypotheses or theoretical positions.

Our main aim is to satisfy the Client’s expectations and needs. To do this, we believe in the value of listening, establishing an ongoing dialogue with the Client and communicating clearly and constantly, covering every possible perspective and every possible choice of action.

We want to establish long-term personal and professional relationships, based on integrity, trust and mutual respect.

We always set out our position on matters of law with intellectual honesty and clarity, working on the basis of shared objectives.

We tackle every brief with the utmost rigour, identifying with the Client’s interests and paying extreme attention to every possible, even highly remote, form of conflict of interest, in the awareness that we work in sectors where the Firm is seen as the chief authority by many public and private actors.

We offer our Professionals and Staff a friendly, stimulating, meritocratic working environment, based on clear, transparent rules, to enable everyone to grow by developing their potentials and talents, to the benefit and satisfaction of all.

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