Lipani’s work is organised and managed within horizontal practices which cover the three main sectors of interest and specialisation: administrative, antitrust and regulatory, and commercial and corporate law.

As the market has evolved and the Firm has grown – in terms of both size and areas of expertise – a number of vertical markets or “industries” have gradually been integrated within the horizontal practices to create an “open network” organisational model, which enables further specialisation and expansion of the vision and expertise without sacrificing the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience.

We do not aim to be a full service organisation but rather wish to continue to be amongst the best on the market in the practices and industries in which we work.

With this approach, our Professionals offer Clients quality, in terms of advice and consulting, and dedicated, coordinated, efficient management of all aspects of the specific issues in which they are involved.

Lipani, a landmark of reference

The sharing of principles and values by the Firm’s Partners and Associates, the teamwork that amplifies the abilities of the individual professionals and the strong focus on the Client’s needs and goals help to make us a quality benchmark on the Italian legal scene for enterprises, the public sector and government bodies.

Principles of ethics, equal opportunities and environmental sustainability inspire our work every day and guide us in the identification of innovative legal solutions, inevitably based on the evaluation and weighing of the natural and historic effects of human action.

Studio Lipani - Rome


Awards for the quality of our work over the years

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