We offer specialist legal support with regard to projects for the construction of strategic infrastructure of national interest and in projects financed by – or implementing – the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the National Complementary Investments Plan (PNC), as well as by structural funds.

In this area we provide legal assistance to both the central government Departments which manage the PNRR investment funds, for the implementation of internally and externally managed projects, and to public and private actors for the planning and implementation of strategic projects funded by the PNRR or PNC or co-funded by both (PNRR and PNC).

We assist central government departments, implementing bodies and contracting authorities in the definition and implementation of investments, and provide assistance in the organisation and management of the fulfilment of obligations regarding the monitoring, reporting and control of all activities relating to projects’ entire lifecycle, to ensure that the organisations concerned perform them in accordance with the “Guidelines for PNRR Monitoring Activities” and “Guidelines for the Monitoring of Investments under the National Complementary Plan (PNC)”.

Last but not least, we provide our Clients with training with regard to the PNRR and sector-specific regulations concerning the procedures for the implementation and management of European Union funds and investments.

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