Administrative law

The Firm has worked in administrative law ever since its foundation. We provide both judicial and extrajudicial legal support in the various areas of administrative law, including public works, service and supply contracts, infrastructure, transport, telecommunications, environment, energy, transport and health, at both national and European levels.


Judicial activities

We defend and represent public and private companies, including multinationals, before the courts in all kinds of litigation and in all jurisdictions.

In particular, our administrative law litigation team has impressive experience in disputes relating to the procedures for the award of public works, services and supply contracts, the mechanisms for the centralisation of public procurement processes, also at the local level, public-private partnerships, project financing, the outsourcing of works and services, coercive procedures (compulsory purchases, easements, temporary occupations) for the acquisition of areas for the siting of public works, real estate and property development projects, and regulatory compliance with regard to anti-bribery and transparency.

Within the field of administrative litigation, we assist our clients on issues of tax liabilities before the public accounts jurisdictions.


Extrajudicial activities

We supply extrajudicial legal support and advice, providing specialist consulting in all areas of administrative law of relevance for public and private companies.

We have built up more than twenty years’ experience in the field of public tenders and outsourcing contracts: our professionals offer daily support to contractors and contracting authorities for participation in public tenders and the preparation of tender documents respectively, and in issues regarding the implementation of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Over the years we have also acquired considerable experience in public-private partnerships, creating a service model including management of all legal, technical and economic-financial aspects in collaboration with experts in the specific sectors with whom we have long-standing working relationships, to provide Clients with a unified project delivered within the times they need.

We also assist many public companies operating in a variety of sectors on all matters specific to this type of clientele, such as relations with partner or supervisory administrations, relations with regulatory authorities, and the application of civil law within the public sector.

In view of the experience gained in the management of complex issues, we have been involved in the implementation of property development projects of great importance for Italy as a whole.

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